​Venøsund Fisk og Skaldyr ApS

Sønderskovvej 20, Venø

DK-7600 Struer

Chairman of the Board Arne Rusbjerg

Phone +45 25356298 

Manager Ole Borbjerggaard

Phone +45 24673175 

​Fields of business:

Outdoor production of copepods. Copepod egg and nauplii production and maintenance of copepod cultures in outdoor ponds. The copepods are not for sale but are vital when producing high quality marine fish fry. Venøsund Fisk og Skaldyr ApS have taken part of the project IMPAQ - IMProvement of AQuaculture high quality fish fry production (

Larviculture of turbot and flounder. Semi-extensive larvae production of flatfish, mainly flounder (Platichthys flesus) and turbot (Psetta maxima). Stripping of broodstock and hatching of eggs. Semi-extensive production of marine larvae and fry using copepods as their main prey. 

Fry production of turbot and flounder. Weaning and ongrow of marine flatfish, mainly flounder (Platichthys flesus) and turbot (Psetta maxima) and brackish water whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus). Health program including vaccination and routine veterinary control.

oyster rinsing and sale. Venøsund Fisk og Skaldyr ApS perform rinsing of high quality Limfjord oyster (Ostrea edulis) processes for wholesaler Johs. Jensen Fiske- og Muslingeeksport ( Venøsund Fisk & Skaldyr also sell Limfjord oyster, trademark Venoyster at the door (

Excisting since 2009, SME placed at Venø, Limfjorden


Participation in restocking programs. Delivery of fish of various species and sizes for national restocking programs (

​In 2019 Venøsund Fisk og Skaldyr Aps produced more than 120.000 juvenile flounder with a length of 3-5 cm for restockning. The flounder were released into the Limfjord, DK.

Organisation and facilities:

–​ Self-owned, with a strong network to local leisure fishermen.

– ​6 lagoons (each 1200 m3), indoor facilities, small lab

– ​Arne Rusbjerg (chairman of the board)

–​ Ole Borrebjerggaard (manager)

– 3 additional employees + volunteer workers


Hasselager Allé 8

​DK-8260 Viby J


​Mobile: +45 27 12 14 35


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