Fishlab participated at Larvi 2017: 7th Fish & Shellfish Larviculture Symposium with 3 minipapers and posters:

  • Semi-extensive production of turbot fry fed on copepods
  • A method for automatic monitoring of behavior and growth of fish fry
  • Approaches towards bio-encapsulation of oral vacccines for early stages of aquacultured fish

Larvi 2017 - IMPAQ     Larvi 2017 - Fishguard     Larvi 2017 - Targetfish

Fishlab is a proprietor firm owned by Kirsten Engell-Sørensen. Fishlab has assignments in Denmark and worldwide as a partner in the aquaculture sector and in the sector of environmental protection. The company has an extensive collaboration with experts, consulting companies and industries in both fields. We accept interns from educational institutions, such as Business Academy Aarhus, twice a year.

Fishlab has been involved in water quality monitoring, sampling, zooplankton and ichthyoplankton analysis during baseline investigations of salt cavern expansion at Ll Torup, Denmark and also in fish egg and larvae surveys in Fehmarn Belt  and the Limfjord as a part of baseline investigations of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. 

Fishlab has assignments for Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark regarding environmental national surveillance of zooplankton and bottom dwelling animals and registration of data in Denmark's Environmental Portal (WinRambi and STOQ).

Fishlab is currently involved in projects developing new technology and knowhow in the European aquaculture industry. Fishlab is directly involved in development, management planning, surveillance, training of personnel and day to day fry production of aquaculture enterprises.

See CV's for a full description of experience.​


Terp Skovvej 107 b

DK-8270 Højbjerg


​Phone: +4586141435

Mobile: +4527121435


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