Benthic fauna​ monitoring

​Fishlab has extensive experience in sampling, analysing, and reporting on marine benthic fauna communities as an indicator of environmental disturbance. This can be used in national environmental surveillance but also to assess specific local impacts of ocean farms. Fishlab has 2 different reference methods for processing of Marine benthic fauna:

First method is following the guidelines in the international standard ISO 16665:2014

Second method is following the guidelines in the valid Danish Technical Instruction TA nr. M19.

Mesozooplankton and fish larvae monitoring

​​Fishlab conducts investigations of various kinds of mesozooplankton (including holo- and merozooplankton) such as copepods, rotifers, larvae of bivalves, cnidarian medusae, polychaetes, crustaceans etc.

Fishlab has expertise in monitoring of fish eggs and fish larvae, including backtracking to spawning grounds and microscopic analyses of samples (determination of species, amounts, egg and larvae stages, bio-volume, carbon determinations and data treatment). Quality assessment of species determination is performed using gel electrophoretic analysis and tissue from adult specimens as reference.

​Fish fry cultivation

Fishlab has performed semi-extensive and intensive fish larvae production for 20+ years.

We offer guidance in production planning and execution, including production of crucial live feed necessary to ensure a high yield.
We provide insights in monitoring of health status, hatching and weaning strategies, feed composition, water quality, toxic algae and disease prevention.

Enchytraeus Live Feed

Check this out! We are working on solving one of the biggest issues in fish larvae rearing: Unstable supply and poor quality of live feed.

Together with our partners we are developing a new kind of live feed for fish produced in aquaculture: ENCHYTRAEUS


​Project management

​Fishlab has more than 30 years of experience writing academic and industrial research proposals within the framework of the European Union.

We can provide partnerships and assistance with pre-applications as well as final applications within the field of environmental monitoring and marine aquaculture.

We act as facilitator of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), provide project management and ensure effective coordination (both administrative and scientific).


​Tailored projects

With extensive experience in all aquatic environments we can tailor services to any project, also by including external partners.



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